About the Company


Limited Liability Company «Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean» Project Management Center» was created according to the decision of its sole founder – Public Joint Stock Company «Transneft» (before June 30, 2016 - Oil Transporting Joint-Stock Company Transneft), and registered on December 27, 2005 in the territory of Angarsk, Irkutsk Region.

The Company was founded to implement the project of building the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system being implemented pursuant to RF Government Ordinance No. 1737-R dated December 31, 2004.

The length of the line section of the ESPO PS totals 4,740 km, including 2,694 km in the section of Taishet PEPS – Skovorodino PS (ESPO-1) and 2,046 km in the section of Skovorodino PS – Kozmino SSOP (ESPO-2).

ESPO-1 facilities were completed and commissioned in December 2009: line section, PEPS No. 1 Taishet, PS No. 4 Rechushka, PS No. 8 Kirensk, PS No. 10 Talakan, PS No. 14 Olekminsk, PS No. 17 Aldan, PS No. 21 Skovorodino, and SSOP Kozmino, OTPLUWC across Amur River.

Over the period from 2010 to 2012, under the project of extension of the ESPO PS in the section of the PEPS Taishet – Skovorodino PS to 50 million tons annually, PMC ESPO, LLC, organized construction and commissioning of PS No. 12, PS No. 13, PS No. 16, PS No. 18, PS No. 20 and reserve lines OTPLUWC across Angara River, Ust-Ilimskoe water reserve, Lena River, and Aldan River. Moreover, in August 2010, the oil pipeline from Skovorodino PS to the PRC border was built and commissioned in August 2010.

In February 2013, PMC ESPO, LLC, started to implement the investment project «Kuyumba – Taishet Oil Trunk Pipeline» following RF Government Ordinance No. 532-R dated April 17, 2012. The Kuyumba – Taishet oil pipeline will make it possible to connect the Yurubcheno-Tokhoma and Kuyumba fields located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the Kuyumba – Taishet oil pipeline. The length of the oil pipeline will total 695.2 km, including 506.4 km passing through the Krasnoyarsk Territory and 188.8 km – across the Irkutsk Region.

The line section, main oil pumping station No. 1 and oil pumping station No. 2 will be built at the first phase. The maximum capacity of the future oil pipeline will total up to 15 million tons of oil annually.