The purpose of building the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system is to organize transportation of oil from fields of the Western and Eastern Siberia to Russian oil refiners and export it to the countries of the Asian and Pacific region via the Kozmino port to the People Republic of China.

The ESPO system is technologically connected to the oil trunk pipelines of Transneft and forms a single network ensuring operating distribution of oil flows across Russia. The ESPO capacity is planned to be further developed in order to increase oil supplies to Russian oil refineries (construction of new PS).

Key lines of business of PMC ESPO, LLC:

  • Performing functions of a technical customer;
  • Developing investment intentions, engineering and economic grounds for construction;
  • Receiving and formalizing source data for engineering;
  • Performing total organizational and engineering operations and other activities associated with design and survey, construction and installation works;
  • Interacting with executive authorities and local self-government bodies to resolve organizational and other construction problems;
  • Obtaining construction permits;
  • Selecting contractors for performance of construction and installation works, supplying material and technical resources and equipment, providing services, etc.;
  • Organizing supplies of material and technical resources to construction facilities;
  • Organizing building control and designer supervision of construction of facilities;
  • Organizing acceptance of completed facilities.