PMC ESPO conducted tests of tanks for the protection system of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline

Date of publication: 28 July 2017 Print

PMC ESPO successfully finished hydrotests of tanks constructed as part of the investment project “Protection System of Oil Trunk Pipeline (PSOTP) as regards Pressure”. Implementation of the project will secure safe oil transportation in case of increasing capacity of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline system (ESPO PS) up to 80 million tons of oil a year.

Construction of the tanks started in April 2016 at seven functioning OPS (oil pump stations) located in Irkutsk Region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Amur Region.

In total 14 emergency oil spill tanks and 4 fire water tanks with the capacity of 700 to 5 thousand cubic metres were constructed. After finishing the construction and assembly works, the tanks were filled with water and were under observation within 24 hours.

During the conducted tests the condition of constructions and welded joints was controlled, geodesic control for the wall’s geometric parameters was performed. Appearance of a leaking at the wall and along the bottom’s edges, as well as exceeding limit values of deviations of form, metal structures’ sizes and the tank’s foundation settlement are considered to be inadmissible.

Tanks meant for emergency oil spill are as well tested for internal excess pressure and vacuum.

According to the tests’ results, all the tanks are admitted as fitting for further operation.

Besides tanks construction, the PSOTP project assumes adaptation of software of automated complexes for pump units control at OPS, as well as stop valves of oil pipeline. As well, the investment project includes construction of units with safety devices necessary for oil spill into emergency oil spill tanks when it is required to secure decreasing of the pressure level in oil pipeline.

Implementation of the project on installation of the protection system of ESPO pipeline system as regards pressure is planned to be finished in autumn 2017.