PMC ESPO Revamped External Power Supply Facilities of PS No.10 on ESPO

Date of publication: 16 August 2017 Print

PMC ESPO completed the revamping of the external power supply facilities of PS No.10 on the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Pipeline System (ESPO PS). The power infrastructure of ESPO PS is being revamped within the project for extension of the trunk oil pipeline capacity to 80 mtpa.

Transformers and high-voltage equipment were replaced and commissioning works were carried out at PS No.10. A conclusion on the compliance of the revamped facility with the requirements of the design documentation is received; the facility is put into operation.

Facilities of external power supply (EPS) for three operating ESPO stations (PS Nos. 10, 8 and Tayshet pipe-end pump station (PEPS)) are being revamped to support future capacities of the pipeline. EPS facilities for PS Nos.3, 6, 9 are also being built to this end.

PMC ESPO previously replaced one of the two 40MVA power transformers, voltage transformers, and bus supports on the EPS facilities of Ps No.8; the equipment is being commissioned. Voltage class of the PS No.8 substation will be changed to 220kV within the revamping of this substation.

Substations of PS No.8 and PS No.10 are of power supply reliability category I. Transformers must be replaced and put into service as soon as possible to minimize their operation as a category III consumer.

Three 220kV single-circuit overhead lines and three new step-down substations 220/10kV are built at PS Nos.3, 6, 9. Revamping of the Tayshet PEPS external power supply includes the construction of a 35kV single-circuit overhead cable line of 16 km in length and reconstruction of a step-down substation. Acceptance of the facilities is planned for 3Q2017.

Furthermore, PMC ESPO is implementing the construction of a 220kV overhead line from Peleduy PS to the operating PS No.8 – PS No.10  overhead lines on the operating facilities of the trunk oil pipeline. Total length of the two single-circuit sections of the line will make 229 km.

Also, it is planned to build two 220kV ingle-circuit overhead lines for the needs of the future PS No.7. Construction of this oil pump station is planned to commence in November 2017; PMC ESPO has already started to build its power infrastructure. More than 250 km of overhead power transmission lines will be built.


According to the long-term development programme of Transneft till 2020, it is planned to build 6 new oil pump stations (first train – PS Nos. 3, 6, 9; second train – PS No. 7; and third train – PS Nos. 2, 5) and associated external power supply facilities, as well as revamp three existing external power supply (EPS for Tayshet PEPS and PS Nos. 8, 10) within the investment project for the extension of the ESPO PS throughput capacity to 80 mtpa. In total, over 900 km of power transmission lines from 35 to 220kV will be built and transformer equipment with the rated capacity of 1,000 MVA installed within the project.