PMC ESPO, LLC completed construction external power supply facilities of OPS No. 6 in Irkutsk Region

Date of publication: 01 September 2017 Print

PMC ESPO (a subsidiary of Transneft) completed construction of external power supply (EPS) facilities of OPS No. 6 of Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean Pipeline System (ESPO PS). Upgrading of the energy infrastructure of ESPO PS is a part of the project of extension of the throughput capacity of the oil trunk pipeline up to 80 million tons of oil per year.

Two power transformers with the capacity of 40 MW each and 36 units of high-voltage equipment were installed at the new step-down substation (SS) of OPS No. 6. To ensure an emergency electric power reserve, a diesel-generator unit with the capacity of 160 kW was installed.

To connect SS of OPS No. 6 to the existing ETL (Electric Power Transmission Line), it was necessary to make two new overhead transmission lines with the total length of more than 100 kilometers. Construction was complicated due to the landscape as one third of the line runs along hillsides. In some places the difference in height of adjacent supports makes more than 40 meters.

In August construction and installation work was completed, EPS facilities of OPS No. 6 were energized and complex testing of the equipment was performed. SS of OPS No. 6 will be brought into operation in the IVth quarter of the current year.

Apart from electric power supply to OPS-6, EPS facilities are being constructed for further transit of electric power between Irkutsk Region and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


To the extent of implementation of the investment project of extension of the capacity of ESPO PS up to 80 million tons of oil per year it is planned to construct 6 new oil pump stations (the first stage – OPS No. 3, 6, 9, the second stage – OPS No. 7, the third stage – OPS No. 2, 5) and associated external power supply facilities and to revamp three existing external power supply facilities (Tayshet EPS PEPS (Pipe-End Pump Station), OPS No. 8, 10). In total, more than 900 km of electric power transmission lines with the voltage from 35 to  220 kW will be constructed and transformers with the capacity of more than 1,000 MW will be installed under the project.