PMC ESPO completes construction of PS No.29 in Amur Region

Date of publication: 23 November 2017 Print

PMC ESPO (a Transneft subsidiary) has completed the construction of oil pump station (PS) No.29 in Amyr Region. PS is now being prepared for filling-up of process pipelines with oil for subsequent comprehensive testing of the oil pumping equipment.

PS No.29 is the first station constructed within the project “Extension of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system (ESPO PS) at PS No.21 Skovorodino – Kozmino Port up to 50 mtpa.” This is a booster pump station without a tank farm; it will ensure the pipeline pressure required for oil pumping.

The following has been built at PS No.29 according to the project: main oil pumping station, stop valve unit, strainers, control room, indoor switchgear, diesel power plant, fire pump station, fire water tanks, biological wastewater treatment plant, utility and drinking water supply station, amenity building with a canteen, production workshop, area maintenance building, and enclosed parking for vehicles with a repair garage.

PS is now being prepared for carrying out a comprehensive testing of the oil pumping equipment. Main line pumps will be started and supervised for 72 hours after the process pipelines are filled up with oil.  Comprehensive testing is the final check of PS before the commissioning that is planned for December 2017.

Aside from PS No.29, the ESPO extension project provides for the construction of PSs No.23, 26, and 32 and revamping of PSs No.27, 34, and 41. The ESPO PS throughput capacity at the section from Skovorodino PS to the port of Kozmino will be increased to 50 mtpa after the project completion.

For reference:

Apart from the project of ESPO-2 extension to 50 mtpa of oil, PMC ESPO is completing stage I of the project for ESPO-1 throughput capacity expansion to 80 mtpa of oil at the section from Tayshet PEPS to PS No.21 Skovorodino in Irkutsk Region. Three of the six PSs planned within this project has been built. The project for equipping ESPO PS with overpressure protection system is at the completion stage as well. For this purpose, 14 emergency oil discharge tanks and 4 fire water tanks with the capacity from 700 to 5,000 cubic metres are built at the operated PSs of Irkutsk Region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and Amur Region. Besides, PMC ESPO is implementing a project for construction of an offshoot from ESPO PS to Komsomolsk Oil Refinery in Khabarovsk Region.