PMC ESPO, LLC, started the final stage of extension of ESPO PS (Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline System) up to the maximum capacity

Date of publication: 19 January 2018 Print

PMC ESPO (a subsidiary of Transneft) started construction of three oil pump stations (PS) in Irkutsk Region. PS No. 2, 5, 7 are under construction as part of the second, final stage in the project “Extension of Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Pipeline System (ESPO PS) up to 80 million tons of oil a year”.

The stations’ sites are located in Chunsky, Nizhneilimsky and Ust-Kutsky Districts of Angara Region. PS No. 7 is the most difficult of approach; it is located in more than 180 km from developed road infrastructure. Two other stations are located at the distance of 20 km from large railway junctions and federal roads passing by. During the nearest months plants will be removed from the PS construction areas, temporary residential areas will be arranged. 

Extension of ESPO PS up to 80 million is the third project as part of extension of pipeline system’s throughput capacity at the section from Tayshet PEPS (pipe-end pump station) to Skovorodino PS (ESPO-1). 5 PS were constructed in 2009-2012, and the throughput capacity of ESPO PS was increased up to 50 million tons of oil a year. Three new stations were commissioned in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in December 2014 and increased the amount of the pumped oil up to 58 million tons of oil a year. After commissioning of PS No. 3, 6, 9 in December 2017 the throughput capacity of ESPO-1 is equal to 70 million tons of oil a year.

PS No. 2, 5, 7 are planned to be constructed in one and a half year. After connecting the stations to the oil transportation system the number of functioning PS of ESPO-1 will be increased up to 21 stations, and the oil pipeline’s capacity will be increased up to the maximum 80 million tons of oil a year.